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Take advantage of our no-risk analysis using our proven G.A.R.I. Process

Our team will audit your invoices and expenses to discover and correct supplier billing errors and ensure contract compliance. Through our G.A.R.I. process, we look to standardize service levels to ensure our clients are not being charged for services they do not use or need.

The money we have saved businesses has not only helped strengthen their financial situations, preserve jobs and prevent layoffs, but we have given companies the ability to use their savings to expand their operations, hire new employees and grow their business.

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We find indirect savings opportunities where you least expect them.
Some of the services that we help with include:

  • Invoice auditing for compliance & billing errors

  • Service contract auditing, optimization & re-negotiation

  • Supplier Management Solutions

  • Document management

Service Review Categories :

  • Cable/Internet

  • Telecom/Cable

  • Utility and Energy Consumption

  • Waste Management

  • Elevator Maintenance

  • Furniture/Rentals

  • Cleaning Services

•    Signage

•    Landscape

•    Air System Maintenance 

•    Building contractors

•    Glass/Window Contractors
•    Recycling Services
•    Uniforms & Linens
•    Online & Software Licensing Services


  • Staffing Solutions

  • Bathroom Supplies

  • Office Supplies

  • Fire Security

  • Alarm System

  • Contractors

  • Pest Services

•    Permits, Licenses, and Dues
•    Professional Services
•    Business Vehicle Leases/Fleets
•    Rent or Facility Costs
•    Insurance
•    Equipment Purchasing, Leasing, and Maintenance
•    IT Services
•    Merchant Card Fee

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