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How do I get more information to start saving money with Superior Savings?

You can use the Contact Us section of the website to reach out or feel free to call our team any time at (484) 393-1683 and someone will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

What is the process to get started?

After signing our Engagement Agreement, the first step is to have our simple questionnaire filled out to narrow down what categories the Superior Savings experts can focus on to help you reduce your costs. From there, besides a brief tour of your facility (if possible), we can either come on-site and scan your bills or you can simply download your invoices & reports of the selected categories to be analyzed and email them to us.

How much time will be required of my staff or team to collect the information that you need?

Our proven process is designed to be as hands-off for you and your team as possible. We handle all the work so that your team can focus on their key responsibilities. For most categories, a few invoices, a current contract, an authorization form or online account access is all we need to get to work.

Do we have to change suppliers or contractors based on your recommendations?

No. We understand that organizations frequently invest in lasting relationships with their suppliers and may prefer to keep those affiliations in place. Superior Savings is supplier neutral, meaning that we can find savings in almost any merchant billing contract and don’t need to change your supplier. Our industry network and depth of supplier familiarity enable us to either renegotiate your current contracts or mine the marketplace to identify powerful savings from other, high-quality service providers.

We do not typically hire outside consultants, why should we hire you?

Where consultants are traditionally paid a per-project fee or an hourly rate, we offer a performance-based consultancy. If we don't find your savings, you don’t owe us money. Keep in mind that we will not invoice you until you realize savings.

Do we need to engage Superior Savings for a review of all our company's expenses, or for all of the categories that you're capable of reviewing?

Although we have experience and are able to examine over 15 different spending categories, you are not required to have us engage in all of them. Our model is flexible and you can choose which expense categories you would like us to review if you prefer.

How do you handle our privacy?

We ask our clients to share their bills & invoices, not their books. Not only does our Engagement Agreement include a confidentiality clause, but we will also execute a Non-Disclosure Agreement upon request. Our client's & partners’ privacy is a top priority for us.

What if we don’t want to share any sensitive information?

Not to worry. We don’t look into your company’s books or accounting records. All we need to see are your fixed-cost bills & invoices from the previous month for categories that we’ll be reviewing to get started.

Why can’t we just do this ourselves?

Our team has been employing our proven methods reliably for decades to find savings and is expertly trained on what to look for and how to quickly get the desired results. With no upfront cost to your organization, your employees are able to stay focused on your business’s core competencies. 98% of the time we find savings opportunities. We have found millions of dollars in savings, year over year for our customers, including leading Fortune 500 companies.

How does Superior Savings get paid?

Based on the analysis that is performed, we invoice your organization on a going-forward basis of a percentage of the savings realized. Simply put, we do not get paid unless we save you money. There are no out-of-pocket costs to you or your business.

Does it matter where my company is located?

No, fortunately, our employees have the ability to work remotely with you and your team across the United States, as long as you have a telephone and an internet connection. We believe in giving our employees a work/life balance which is very important.

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